Monday, 17 August 2015


What will you do if the choices available isn't  something that you want to choose?

I have some issues here... first I'm really confused about my mata kuliah pilihan thing. Actually it's not that complicated at all... to choose some mkp thing. I thought umm...I must be overthink about it. The reason why do I have this kind of issue is I still don't know what I wanna do in the future (the underlined words is another issue actually). Because in my own opinion this mkp can lead you to your destination. I mean like your dreams, your goal, or something like that, this kind of destination. And the biggest problem is I really don't know what my dream or my goal is.

The simplest way to choose mkp is choose what you like, choose which one is your passion. But here comes another issue : How if what I like is not the right thing for my future? We wouldn't know what will happen in the future though... and why do I have this kind of thought? I just recall me in the past. Yes, I always like that. Always separates what I like, and what should I do. I never combine "I should do what I like". Because I think what I like is something I will find it joyful, it's simply because I like it and it's just about me, it's kind of an ego. But, "what should I do" is a different thing. We put some thoughts in that, like what I do will affect others, and some other thought.

I remember my conversation with my high school friends last holiday. She said to me "When you are doing what you don't like, you won't get motivated, you don't care about it and if the result isn't something you're expected to be, it would be just fine. But, it's different when you are doing something that you really like. You don't care about other people badmouth you (about u doing what u like), because you like it, you will find another way, and another another way to keep doing what you like." At that time I thought "Woah! this is the answer that I've been searching for!". Her statement was really assured me.

And Levi taught me this : whatever the thing you had chosen, no one knows it would be the best or the worst, we just choose and go with till the end. Even if the result is out of your expectation, it doesn't mean if you choose the other option in the first place, the result will be better.

I think the main problem is what is my goal... I need goal, so I will think about steps to reach my goal, and I hope I will find it soon... Aamiin... and I hope  I can be responsible with whatever mkp I choose.

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