Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Thailand's Floating Markets

Floating markets are popular tourist destinations in Thailand. At the floating markets, there are a lot of small boats overflowing with fresh fruit and vegetables. Imagine the colors of fresh fruit and vegetables on hundreds of boats sailing quitely along the river. Then imagine Thai women in their colorful traditional clothes on these boats. The effect is magical.

The floating markets open at 6:30 A.M. Early in the morning, before the markets open, farmers pick fruit and vegetables from theri farms. Later, their wives sell the fruit and vegetables on their boats. Why do the women sell their products on boats, instead of in regular stores? Central Thailand has bodies of water throughout. In some places, there are canals instead of streets. Farmers have their farms near these canals, and selling their products on boats is convenient.

At a floating market, you can use cash to shop or you can exchange your product with other sellers' products. If you get hungry, just call one of the women and she will come over to you. You can watch her cook your food right on the boat!

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