Thursday, 2 July 2015

Something about Writing

I always said that  "my hobby is reading" or "my hobby is writing", even though I didn't really do that kind of stuff. I love it actually, but until now I never really make time for reading or writing. Because I think, if my hobby are really reading and writing, I would like to spend my time to do that stuff. Even if I'm tired, or there so much task to do, I would continue to read and write.

Especially now, I have to overcome the endless "laporan praktikum" every semester, not to mention my class and practicum schedules, also the other activity like organization etc. I rarely have free time for my hobby. But from now on, I promise to myself that I will make time for it. Because reading and writing are great. You will know how does the world works with reading, and you can spill your ideas over your writing, so the world will know.

In collage, I joined Studi Ilmiah Mahasiswa, or so called SIM. It's like a collage club, and our activity focused on writing essay, scientific papers, and so on. My seniors, they have been following writing competition and went to another country, because they won. Just because they are writing they went aboard!! I wanna be like that! That's my motivation in my third semester. I must spend time to write. But, if I didn't know anything, I couldn't write. So, I must read first, and then write, I will make it somehow.

It's first time for me to write my post in English. It's a practice for me, because my English is very bad, so I thought writing my post in English is a solution to make my English better. I'm so sorry if there are too many mistakes in my writing.


  1. Err actually I think your English isn't that bad.-.

  2. OMG, blog widha udah bertaraf internasional. Ketinggalan nih.... hehehe

    1. Hahahahha... it's just the beginning Lu, just a practice